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Advertise your Hotel free with a picture or logo, full address, contact details, full site description, Gallery pictures in slideshow format, Maps, Driving directions, all for free. Fully searchable in our database dedicated to the UK so you know your targeting the right audience. We even have accredited logo's that your accommodation may been awarded or subscribe to to easily add to your free listing.

You will need to register so that you can enter your accommodation details and re-edit those details at any time, and to enable prospective customers to contact you. That's it - no strings, no email marketing, no upgrades (you get everything we have to offer ). We may send out the occasional email if we introduce a new free feature that may benefit your listing.

To view an example free listing, simply view any site already live on the search pages -and remember the content is driven by yourselves so you can add as much or as little as you wish though the more you add the greater the opportunity that people will find your details on the web.

How To get your Fee Hotel Listing - You will be asked to create a username and password so that you can return and re-edit your listing at any time. You will then be asked for your accommodation address and contact details, we never show email address's as we use a secure on line form that potential customers can reach you by.

The next page will allow you to add contact details and accommodation facilities etc, you can log in and add a main site photo , plus if you wish add further gallery style pictures to further promote your establishment and give if greater exposure.

We are also open to suggestions - I you would like us to include something that would benefit you let us know - Whilst we cannot promise that all changes can be implemented, we have the desire to improve the site whilst remaing a free service.

Finally to reduce spam and to maintain consistant and appropriate content, we do validate all applications prior to going live which is usually completed within 24 hours, more often well within this time.

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